Molecular hydrogen is used for more than 40 years in experimental and clinical medicine, and the last decade was accompanied by remarkable discoveries regarding the beneficial effects of this simple molecule.

It has been discovered that the molecular hydrogen has multiple functions in the human body, including antiinflammatory, anti- allergic, anti-oxidant, buffering and regulatory role.


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On professional athletes were researched the effects of the oral and topical use of molecular hydrogen after acute soft tissue injuries (tendons, muscles and ligaments) using hydrogen as a supplement to conventional treatment of sports injuries.

Hydrogen has been used for two weeks in addition to taking the hydrogen pills (2 grams per day), Hydrogen Gel was also applied at the location of injury, which were used 6 times a day for 20 minutes.



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Multiple mechanisms of action - Experimental and clinical studies have shown that molecular hydrogen possesses anti -inflammatory and cytoprotective effect on muscle cells, cartilage and bone tissue. It is possible that hydrogen also acts as a signal regulator of expression of the protein.

The favorable bioavailability - Small size molecules and transport by simple diffusion most likely allow molecular hydrogen easily and quickly to reach the tissues of poor circulation (eg. cartilaginous tissue) without limitations specific to other therapeutic agents.


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