Benefits of molecular hydrogen

MisicavkoMultiple mechanisms of action - Experimental and clinical studies have shown that molecular hydrogen possesses anti -inflammatory and cytoprotective effect on muscle cells, cartilage and bone tissue. It is possible that hydrogen also acts as a signal regulator of expression of the protein.

The favorable bioavailability - Small size molecules and transport by simple diffusion most likely allow molecular hydrogen easily and quickly to reach the tissues of poor circulation (eg. cartilaginous tissue) without limitations specific to other therapeutic agents.

Bazna vrednost gela [ENG]-2

The absence of significant side effects - Clinical studies indicate a high therapeutic safety of all forms of hydrogen for human consumption. Apart from isolated cases of light gastrointestinal discomforts (eg. mild diarrhea) so far there are not known toxic effects of hydrogen even when giving megadose.

A wide range of therapeutic forms - In acute and chronic pathological conditions of the locomotor system molecular hydrogen can be administered via inhalation of gas, the use of oral forms (eg. tablets, solutions ) and topical application of HYDROGEN GEL.

The possibility of co-application - Due to the low probability of interaction with other drugs molecular hydrogen can be used simultaneously with other therapeutic agents without compromising their performance. It is possible adjuvant action with traditional therapy.



Prof. dr sci. med. Sergej M. Ostojic

Centre for Health, Exercise and Sport Science, Belgrade

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