ACTIVE HYDROGEN Professional Gel

Active Hydrogen Professional Gel in a 110 ml packaging, which contains the maximum concentration of the molecular hydrogen

and is primarily intended for chronic and acute pain as well as for more serious injuries in the early stages of treatment, especially in physio therapy and sports medicine, for professional athletes and all those exposed to extreme physical exertion during workout and training.

Active Hydrogen Professional Gel-stretching

This formula provides enhanced and prolonged effect.

ACTIVE HYDROGEN PROFESSIONAL GEL significantly alleviates pain and generates the cessation of pain, reduces swelling and significantly accelerates recovery from injuries.

The first and only topical gel based on the world discovery that is reflected in the synergy of nature and the latest scientific research regarding the powerful antioxidant effect of molecular hydrogen which is now considered to be the most powerful natural antioxidant.

ACTIVE HYDROGEN PROFESSIONAL GEL is a product for topical applications which with recommended regular application helps with consequence and conditions of muscle and connective tissue injuries caused by blow, falls, sports injuries and other causes that lead to hematoma, swelling, sprains and strains and is also extremely successful in prevention and preparation of muscles for efforts. Scientific studies have confirmed that molecular hydrogen has also beneficial effect on inflammations and muscle fatigue caused by strenuous and intense physical activities such as sports, recreational exercise or heavy physical labor.

Benefits Active Hydrogen Professional Gel

ACTIVE HYDROGEN PROFESSIONAL GEL is hyper-saturated with nano bubbles of molecular Hydrogen so that this powerful antioxidant exerts a strong potential. This potential is reflected in the capacity of molecular Hydrogen to penetrate easily into the cells, thus selectively and aimfully eliminating only harmful free radicals which are toxic products of metabolism (hydroxyl and peroxyl nitrates).

ACTIVE HYDROGEN PROFESSIONAL GEL is hyper-saturated with nano bubbles of molecular Hydrogen and as such creates rich base solution. Alkaline, i.e. base, solutions neutralize and remove unnecessary acids from our body.


Guide / Analysis

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